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Glassola Stained Glass Studio

Gear Candleholder

Gear Candleholder

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This steampunk-inspired candleholder needs a place on your tabletop today! Handmade from gorgeous stained glass and brass gears, this retro-futuristic piece is an amazing piece for any tabletopm mantel, shelf, or other surface. The piece is finished with a copper patina, adding to the steampunk or clockpunk aesthetic.

Suitable for a large candle or tealight or use it to store your pens and desktop odds and ends. The candle holder is about 3.25 inches wide and 4.25 inches tall. Made with lilac-coloured glass with sweeping purple and emerald swirls, the brass gears transform your light source with unique and attractive effect. The cork base ensures that the piece does not damage your table or other surfaces.

Makes a great gift for the steampunk enthusiast in your life, or it will find a perfect place in your own home!

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