Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a bigger or custom sized static cling?

Not at this time. I do not own the type of specialty printer required to print on vinyl static cling. The static clings are done by a third party printer. Custom or large-size prints are very costly (each batch requires a set-up fee as well as the printing costs) and would be nearly equivalent the price of buying the actual stained glass panel. This is why it is more cost effective to have large batches of small prints made.

Do you provide hangers, wire or chain with your suncatchers and panels?

Each stained glass panel or suncatcher is provided with hangers soldered into the frame. However, it is impossible for me to know where and how you will hang your purchases so I cannot predict how much chain or wire you will need.

Do you sell your stained glass patterns?

Yes. Some are available as listings in my shop, but if you are interested in buying any of my patterns to make your own panel, please message me and I will make a special order. Typically, the patterns will cost approximately $12CAD. Please note, you may not offer to sell any panels you make from my patterns.

Do you make custom panels?

Yes. I am often commissioned to make custom pieces. Please contact me if you are interested in a custom piece and we can work out the details.

My cling has lost its zing! what do I do?

Instructions to revive static clings can be found here. Another good alternative is a solution like Gila Window Film Solution, which you can find at many hardware stores.